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What the Lord has done
Published: March 17th 2017 @ 10:45 AM by: Phil Hodel

"This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes." 

- Psalm 118:23


In 2003, David Kieser and his family stepped out in faith to start Midwest Food Bank out of their family farm in Mclean County, Illinois. Food donations are gathered and freely distributed to agencies to give away. In the last 14 years, MFB has grown into 8 different locations.  Last year, MFB gave away over $124 million worth of food. 


Since the founding of the Peachtree City location in 2011, we had given away over 959,228 cases of food, valued at over 28.5 million dollars. In 2016, we realized that our space had become a great limitation. 


In the summer of 2016, Midwest Food Bank stepped out in faith to increase our capacity to serve and broke ground on a $1.1 million dollar warehouse expansion project.  The project included the addition of two loading docks and 8,000 sq ft of additional warehouse space. 


We are excited to announce that the project is complete. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Celebration on Friday, March 31st at 8:30 am. Please join us and bring your friends and family. See a short video here.


Our prayer when we broke ground was to cut the ribbon and be debt-free. This would allow us to focus all our resources on serving the 292 nonprofit organizations that need our support each month, and the 48 agencies on our ever-growing waiting list.  Praise the Lord that over 65% of our prayer has been answered.  Many individuals, local corporations, churches and charitable foundations have answered our prayers for support.


We still need your help to be debt-free by raising the last $450,000 to finish our building campaign.If you are able and willing to help, click here.



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