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Mission & Values

At Midwest Food Bank, we believe God has called us to serve.  We believe we should love one another; we believe we should care for the least of these.  We believe we should do all we can to help bridge the gap between prosperity and poverty in our community. We believe in Sharing the Blessings God has given us.  We put these beliefs into action by gathering food and distributing it to nonprofit organizations and providing disaster relief free-of-charge.  Our mission is to help feed hungry people, and we want to give our community an opportunity to serve and provide support so they too can feel the joy of Sharing the Blessings. 

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Midwest Food Bank - Georgia,  was established in 2011. The first month we served nine local food pantries and distributed 545 cases of food.  Our growth over the past seven years has been incredible.  We are now serving over 300 nonprofit organizations from 46 different counties in 5 states each month and distributing over $1 million in food monthly. 


Food & Disaster Relief


Midwest Food Bank - Georgia serves over 300 non-profit organizations from 46 different counties in 5 states.  Our organizational structure enables many non-profit organizations and volunteers to take part in our monthly distributions and daily activities.

Each month, eight days are dedicated to food distribution (or Load Out). During those 8 Load Out days, organizations pick up product to distribute to people in their community.  Hundreds of volunteers participate to make it possible. Learn More




Midwest Food Bank - Georgia has a paid staff led by an Executive Director.  In addition to the staff there is a local advisory board that provides advice, counsel guidance and advocacy for the organization.



Financial Information


At Midwest Food Bank, our pledge is to be effective in our mission of reaching out to those in need by being good stewards of the funds entrusted to us. We are independently audited yearly, and MFB shares the following financial documents and information for public access. Learn More


Corporate Partners


With the support of our corporate partners, every dollar donated to Midwest Food Bank is leveraged into more food & disaster supplies for those who need it most. We are pleased to have support from corporations that have an interest in our mission. Learn More

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