Peachtree City, GA



Midwest Food Bank - Georgia Division


Midwest Food Bank (MFB), a faith-based, non-denominational nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, was started in 2003 when the Kieser family began providing food out of a machine shed on their family farm near Bloomington, Illinois.  MFB began by serving about 10 food pantries in McLean County, Illinois. Today, we serve over 1,300 organizations across the Midwest & Southeast & West. The food given out each month now reaches nearly one million people.  See "Our Story"


Midwest Food Bank - Georgia opened in October 2011.  During this first month, we distributed over 550 cases of food to nine local nonprofit organizations. We are now serving over 300 nonprofit organizations and distributing more than $1 million in food each month.  These agencies are located in 46 different counties throughout 5 states.  Unfortunately we have over 50 organizations on our ever-growing waiting list.  With more funding, we can serve more organizations.


Below is a map showing the counties with agencies served by the Peachtree City division, as well as a map showing all of the locations and service areas of Midwest Food bank.






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